Amazing things defined.

What is the Amazing Series?

This segment of the blog is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. It’s been on my chest for a while and I’m happy to be able to actualize it. Quite simply I wanted to create a platform where people could look for stories of people like them. It is fairly easy to find people doing what we want to do but it’s not as easy to find interviews where they sit down and talk about how they did what they did. All too often I find interviews of people when they are at their best (which is understandably an important time) but I never really find interviews of when they make their fundamental achievements and are gaining momentum (a crucial time).

It is very easy to focus on one type of story, and one type of person. And although some of this is intentional as you will find, I didn’t want to limit the variation of people’s stories you will find. So I explore the lives and minds of all types of people doing all types of amazing things. I believe that personal successes are just as important as big achievements because they all stem from the same place.

Growing up, I didn’t have any relatable true stories to read and explore other than that of Serena Williams (to whom I owe a lot to). But I was not interested in sport and didn’t want to be a sports mogul, her drive and mentality is applicable to a lot of sectors but it wasn’t directly helpful in certain areas. This platform aims to cater to everybody, from banker, to blogger.

Another important pillar for this platform, is the word appreciation. Appreciating the work, struggle and stories of people out there doing what they do best is so important. I feel that this appreciation is best shown in giving them a space to speak their lives.

I wanted to create a warm space, which was a convenient mix of the Humans of NY style and Traditional interview style. So whether you are here to find direction and motivation or to just read and appreciate the stories of others, welcome.


Amazing things always.

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