A poem for those that are over-empathetic.


I shout because I have a Mother.

Who never raised her voice and

couldn’t shout loud enough.

So I shouted for her and myself


So I,

Raise our voices over


And your head

And the neighbours homes

And roofs

And on the streets that

You didn’t allow me

To navigate

Or figure out during the day


So I figured them out at night,


I shout over your pathetic efforts

And attempts to change

I shout until you are silent

And have no more words

I shout even as you

Eventually change

And become better.


Better that the thickness of my voice

Still reigns


 Until you are no longer the issue

and i am.


i shout at my boyfriends

At my girl friends

Until it ruins me

And erodes me at my rind


No body taught me anything

Other than to shout –

Nothing solves an issue

better than anger


Mother please take your voice back.


Pray to God that I don’t

Raise kids

To shout.

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