Barbados, with love.


Needlepoint Bay, Barbados

I am currently writing this on a beach in Barbados with my mcm, it is 7pm and we are about to go and get ready to go to dinner. I have finished my cocktail and a third of his, and to be honest I am ready to take a nap, but I promised myself that I would blog this as soon as possible. I am going to release this late because I want to savour as much of this amazing trip that I can and not ruin it with mediocre descriptions in this blog. By the time I release it, it will probably be two weeks after but better later than never.

So, guys and girls, before I go into this freestyle of a travel blog- I just want to say thank you for all the love and support to this blog so far! I felt like I wasn’t writing/posting enough and went through all the varied stages of self-doubt and whatnot that for the sake of this post I do not care to mention. However, I have accepted that I have posted as much as I wanted to and that is fine. I posted as much as I can over the past roller coaster of a year and that in itself is a victory. 

 Myself and my partner (in life, love, crime and madness) went to Barbados last week and had an amazing time. It was our first holiday together and my first time in the Caribbean. I just thought I would exercise my writing skills by challenging myself to writing a post about our trip in a typically Kemi manner. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

It would be me…

So, I took to twitter a month ago asking about birth control and how to delay your period and I got so many helpful detailed replies and words of wisdom from some of you ladies and I decided to go for the hormone pill notheristerone. Although a few of you advised against it-I was willing to bare the pain of my post-holiday period for this trip but as always mother nature had a different train of thought and I started my period a week earlier than last month meaning I missed the start date to even start taking the pills to delay it. (the way this pill works is that you take it every day starting from 3 days before your period is expected.) So, for the 4th time in my life: once a fucking gain, I was on TOM during my holiday. My baecation (that term is so cringe). Thankfully my period was the only L of this trip AND it ended midway.  I even tried to take the pills whilst on but that just slowed the flow down to a point where all I could do was accept the circumstances.


7th September 2017. 6:30am. Location: James’ yard. Time of flight: 11:00am. Percentage risk of missing flight 60%.

Timing. This is something that I feel is a gift from God. I feel like God put natural body clocks and compasses in a select few of us on earth and James is not one of them. Me and James are like that duo that were separated at birth spent our whole lives looking for each other and then got annoyed the with one another 30 mins after being reunited. We got into a very small passive aggressive bicker on the morning of the flight because; the night before we agreed to wake up at 5:45am to get ready and make our way to the airport to be there for 9:00am. In my opinion that means we both get up at 5;45am. But no, James did what he always does every single time he is drunk on sleep- he tells me to get ready and call the cab and then claims that somehow magically he’ll be ready when the cab arrives. What the actual hell. I wasn’t having it this morning especially. So I decided to be annoying on purpose and nag him until he got up and now he’s trying to rush because the uber is outside. He’s not driving to the airport which is even more of a reason why we need to be on time. So now we are sitting in the cab silently because I need time to compose my thoughts and irritation lol.

The flight

7th September 2017. 13:30pm GMT. Location: in flight. 6 hours away from Barbados.

So we made it in time for the flight and I feel like I had to be that dramatic that morning or we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. I didn’t snapchat myself in the airport or give anyone (apart from those close to me) the gist that I would be going on holiday just because I am super superstitious and  I don’t believe in people knowing where I am going and when. Naturally when everyone found out we were in Barbados the messages telling us to stay safe because of hurricane Irma came flooding in. Thankfully, the Hurricane didn’t affect Barbados and we were able to fly in and out without any delay or flight cancellations. We travelled with British airways who are okay by the way but they aren’t the best, the reason I say this is because their flights weren’t as comfortable as Virgin  atlantic was in terms of seating AND they had no wifi. Which was fine because I could talk to James for 8 hours (sarcastic yay). The good things about British airways were their flight app which made the checking in process easier; the flight attendants who were super nice and the food which was equally as manageable.


The view from the Hilton Resort Barbados

The hotel


Cuz’s Fish shack

As soon as you step off of a plane in Barbados the first thing that gets you in a moist headlock is the humid air and the heat. We stayed at the Hilton Resort Barbados in needlepoint, near the capital city Bridgetown. The Resort is amazing, it looks like a tropical castle, or an Indian palace, there are marble pillars everywhere and it is huge. I will go through this bit systematically and as effectively as possible: The hotel boasts amazing facilities such as a jacuzzi, a spa, 3 pools, a private beach, 3 restaurants, a mini corner shop, a coffee shop, a gym and a jewellery store. Everything looks high quality and polished.  The staff are amazing, the woman that checked us in, Tracy, was phenomenal, she upgraded us to a Hilton honors exec member so we could have free high speed wifi in our room as opposed to having to go downstairs to the lobby for free wifi. I knew that we booked a nice room but I was not expecting the views! We had a beautiful bay view room on a high floor with stunning ocean views. The view was beautiful enough for me to contemplate what would happen if I just never took a flight back. The rooms have good AC systems and so much lighting it was a perfect match for us. THE ONLY DOWNSIDE for the hotel is the price. Honestly, It’s not the price of booking it but rather the price of eating in the hotel. Now, I know people will be like why would you eat in the hotel anyway- but those hungover or lazy mornings or peckish late nights turned out to be the most expensive meals. Breakfast was 70 Bajan dollars which is around £30- for a mediocre break fast- but there was not much we could do when we coudn’t be bothered to go elsewhere or the local fish cutter wasn’t open. We only ate in the hotel 4 times our entire stay. Other than that the resort is amazing- I would say even the concierges and cab drivers were delightful and really helpful.



Lefties Fish Cutter

My favourite aspect of the holiday was the food. Barbados is known for its fish varieties, because they are an island, they have a lot of traditional fish cuisines such as flying fish which is extremely popular there and “mahi mahi” which is dolphin (I know, I know). We ate at a lot of places because I had researched Tripadvisor (amazing site btw) beforehand and literally had a list in hand of all the places we needed to eat at. The local food was so cheap and filling- we tried to get fish cutters every morning for breakfast with fresh juice. A fish cutter is basically a hot flying fish (fresh fish caught that morning) sandwich made with sweet bread rolls, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, occasionally eggs and Bajan hot pepper sauce (the sauce was so good I bought some to take home, I had it with EVERYTHING) it may not sound like a phenomenal sandwich but it rocked my taste buds every morning. They only amounted to like £5 each time. We also ate at Champers restaurant which is an amazing fine dining experience, I booked a table there for his 23rd birthday and they got us a table right by the sea and personalised birthday menus for us to keep and take home (how cute). The food was amazing and filling too, we ordered of the set menu and couldn’t even attempt to eat the desert because we were so full. Other commendable places we ate at were lefties, another fish cutter, Jamaica food grill- a local Jamaican food van, Brown sugar, a traditional Bajan restaurant, Sahara grill, a Lebanese grill, Bliss Café, Just Grilling, Pats Place. My diet flew out the window on the inbound plane to be honest. Bajan people are big on fish and I understand why because the fish we were experiencing was life changing- apart from at Hilton hotel- don’t order fish from Hilton hotel. Disappointing.


Sweet chilli prawns with rice @ Champers


Prawn starters @ Champers


The famous Champers sign.


Local Lebanese Grill

What to do

Apart from relaxing on different beaches, there is a considerable amount to do in Barbados, including the world famous Oistin’s fish fry. Oistin’s is a place in Barbados where every Friday night there is a big vibe with over 30 food vendors, rum punch specialists and an uncountable amount of local gift sellers and live music and dancers. We went there on Friday and caught our lives, the food we bought came in such a large portion I couldn’t even finish it. And now as I sit here with no food at home wondering if I should have a can of coke to quench my hunger I regret not eating more. I got the chicken, rice and peas, mac and cheese, coleslaw and salad meal from Pats place and it was divine. Of course, James ate the remainder of mine and his. Oistin’s is honestly entertainment at its finest, everyone is drunk, happy and full! There were acrobatic dancers and dancing duos and I would love to experience it again. Another personal fave aspect of this holiday that I would like to mention in its entirety is the rum punch. The rum. Punch. Was concentrate. We were both so waved we had to settle on several occasions on this trip to rest a bit (and to gain balance). Rum is a big thing in Barbados so expect to drink rum punch like every day.


Food from Pat’s place @ Oistins


Rum punch @ Oistins

Other things include water sports such as jetskiing, scuba diving, swimming with turtles and jet blading. James did the water sports I literally just managed to build up the confidence to ride a jet ski alone (super fun). On all beaches the price ranges from 50 Bajan dollars to 90 Bajan dollars usually. Barbados has a lovely night life and we surely experienced it! The best clubs in my opinion are Harbour lights, Dukes bar, Boat Yard (super fun), and the Blackwoods screw dock. We also went to a famous undergound cave called Harrisons cave on a tour exploring the cave in its entirety like 60ft under the ground. That was super fun also (130 Bajan dollars).



Just me, being stylish n shit. an aesthetic.


View from the room.


My thoughts on travelling

This is the bit that my friends have been waiting for, the juicy part as they would say. Now, I know that technically speaking, baecations are not a big deal people travel with lovers or strangers all the time. no biggie. BUT, I know my situation is different given the journey that myself and James have been on over the past 12 months, it has been nothing short of a testing time of self-growth, individualism, unlearning, relearning of ourselves, each other and our problematic tendencies and if you read my blog regularly (not that I post regularly lol) you would have gotten a hint of this. It is not easy rebuilding a relationship especially at this age where we are all young and should never limit our options. But I think love- whether at the stage of doting romance or fully ignited ready for marriage- is a choice. And one thing that we learnt this year and promised each other is that us consciously trying to create a better space for our relationship was in no way us binding one another to each other for life if it doesn’t work out. We will try to make it work as we do with everything else in life and if it doesn’t work we will accept it and honour our failed efforts. Our efforts are not synonymous with a set-in-stone, “no-two-ways-about-it” future. Rather, our efforts are mostly for ourselves as individuals and obviously for our present bond.


Trying to relocate my sandals after burying them deep in the sand .

I love Love. I love seeing people in love, I love how when it is done properly it brings out the best in us and I believe this starts from knowing how to love ourselves. If you don’t know how to love yourself, you will find it near enough impossible to effectively and healthily love someone else. So although I’ve gone off on a tangent, this is where we are  at the moment, far from perfect, loving ourselves and eachother, our differences, our uniqueness, travelling, and working hard now for our individual dreams and lives to be fulfilled in the future. We have a crazy support system going on and he is truly my best friend, everyone in Barbados assumed we were married because of our energy. We are so different and so alike and that’s what makes it work. Going on holiday with him was not too different to what I am used to because I am used to being around him- plus, first and foremost he is my friend before everything else.  I did secretly tell myself that on this holiday, I would know whether holidays could be a thing for us, and he passed initiation (lol he’s going to tell me to delete that sentence). I think that going on holiday with your partner is lovely because of the new experiences that you witness together. Yes, we bickered, (well he will beg to differ and say that I am bickering “with myself”) but that was nothing new because we disagree everyday over who took a bigger bite out of who’s food; play fighting too hard; him being late; me thinking I’m always right (because I am); and another heap of things I’m sure aren’t too unfamiliar to you.. So I really would like to wrap up this part of the blog because I refuse to continue to write about this moist shit.


Birthday night!

So yes, all in all, Barbados is an amazing country and I would recommend 100% for you all to visit it.  I cannot wait to be under its blue skies warm sprays, wake up to the sounds of the ocean tide and go to bed to the cries of crickets again with my shooter.



The famous Harrison’s cave tour.


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