About Author

I am a 21 year old young lady from South east London: Peckham to be exact. I have recently graduated from The university of Kent in English and American Literature and will be commencing my Masters in International Business Management in the autumn of 2016. No I do not want to be a teacher (I can’t stand kids for the most part). What has always sustained me in literature is my interest in words and their uses in order to convey a message.  I have always been excited by the challenge of putting words together in different ways to get a message across- such as writing down things that are better summarised by speech.

This blog is a step towards a personal goal and it is also an extension of me, the lessons I have learnt and am currently learning, The people I meet and the things I do. I have always wanted to put pieces of me out for people to analyse and writing is the only way I know how. I hope you enjoy, laugh and cry with me on this journey man.